Cling On! short brush


Cling On! short brush

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Cling On! brushes are handmade and offer great paint application for all water based paints. They are made of the very best blend of specially engineered synthetic filaments that are secured into the stainless steel ferrule by epoxy cement, ensuring there is zero filament shedding.

Cling On!'s nylon bristles have a special dye coating and are easy to clean.  After painting, just rinse your brush a little and hang with the brush's feet in water, due to the special coating any remaining paint will simply fall from the bristles.

We selected the Cling On! S50 series for its short handle that makes it easy to hold while painting.

Cling On! brushes retain there shape beautifully, due to the carefully selected filaments, further enhanced by the dye coating. 

Characteristics :

- Handmade
- Superior quality filaments
- Excellent to use with Fusion Mineral Paints (less brush marks)
- Nylon bristles
- Short wooden handle
- Easy to wash
- Can also be used with other acrylic paints and milk paint


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