Set of 3 flat brushes for acrylic paints

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Handmade in the Netherlands these brushes are the perfect match for Fusion Mineral Paint, Miss Mustard Seed’s Milk Paint, and all other water-based paints on the market.

With our round and flat brushes a professional finish is easy.
The synthetic bristles allow for a smooth finish and minimal brush strokes.


- Handmade
- Excellent to use with Fusion Mineral Paints (less brush marks)
- Synthetic bristles
- Comfortable wooden handle
- Easy to wash
- Can also be used with other acrylic paints and milk paint

Application and cleaning
Dampen your brush just a little bit before you start painting. Squeeze the bristles (and string for the round brushes) very softly so the brush is barely damp.
When finished painting, rinse your brush with water. You can leave the brush sitting in water for a short time, but we do not recommend to leave it in water for several hours. 

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