Graining and marbling intensive class


Master Class - Wood graining and imitation marble boot-camp!
Michel Nadaï

Intensive Graining and Marbling workshop
Instructor:  Michel Nadaï
Date:           May 13th to May 24th, 2024
Duration:    10 days
Tuition:       minimum 3 persons / 70 hours, 7 hours per day)
                    For those paying through personal funds 2200,00 euros per person
                    For those applying for scholarship: 2300,00 euros
per person

♦ our courses are exempt of French 20% VAT
♦ paints, medium and supports to paint on included in both group fee and individual fee

♦ not included: brushes and sundry items, travel, accommodation and meals



Join us for this 10-day intensive workshop on graining and marbling!
Immerse yourself totally in the European techniques as you learn how to paint realistic woods and marble from a master in this field.  Michel will not only do step by step demos on each subject, he will also give you ample advice on how to improve your techniques. 
For the purpose of training, Michel uses oil paints and oil glazes in his classes but his techniques can be used with acrylic paints.

- This course is intended as a 'boot-camp' in graining and marbling.
- Places are limited (maximum 7 students) to allow ample one on one training.

What you will learn in this course - program*

For the faux wood : 
Walnut (burl and heart grain)
Elm (burl and heart grain)
Oak (root and heart grain)
Poplar (burl and heart grain)

For the faux marble :
Grey breche
Violet breche
Grande Antique

*Outline of the program is for informative purpose; the program may therefore receive modifications if necessary.

Training method and certification of the course:
- Theoretical explanations and demonstrations on a daily basis.
- Immediate hands on practice through daily exercises.
- Each student will create individual samples of the graining and marbling subjects covered in class.
- Instructor folows through each student's progress on a daily basis.
- Students receive the school's Certificate upon completion of the course.


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