About - Stefano Luca



Stefano Lucà was born in Rome, Italy, on 10/9/1978

After completing art studies, addressed in different areas of artistic fields, Stefano increases his knowledge by working during many years as restorer of paintings and frescos throughout the Italian territory.  This experience will result very valuable and useful because it allowed him to create and develop his own techniques and characteristic styles of the Italian decorative tradition.

In 2002 Stefano created his company "Lo Spazio Dipinto", specialized in painting decorations and Trompe-l'oeil.  Since then he executes several works for many prestigious customers, both public and private, in Italy as well as abroad.

From 2003-2005, parallel to his work, Stefano taught decorative painting classes at the People's University UPTER in Rome.

Over the years Stefano participated in various events and competition for decorations and paintings and in 2006 he won the 4th edition of the International Trompe-l'oeil Festival.
Since 2009, he is also member of the Salon of the International Society of Decorative Painters.