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Icon writing workshop with Master Instructor and Iconographer
Deacon Nikita Andrejev of the Prosopon School of Iconography

We are thrilled and honored to invite Prosopon School Instructor and Master Iconographer, Deacon Nikita Andrejev, who will come and teach a 6-day icon writing workshop at our studio. 

Deacon Nikita Andrejev was born in 1974 in Saint Petersburg, Russia. In 1979, he and his parents left the Soviet Union, eventually settling in the United States. From his youth, Nikita has worked as an apprentice, assistant, and interpreter for his father, the iconographer Vladislav Andrejev, founder of the Prosopon School of Iconology. From his father he learned the technique of Russian Byzantine icon painting in the liquid egg tempera method, as well as fundamental insights into the theology of the Orthodox icon and the Christian world-view. He was able to supplement this training through studies and travel. Nikita holds a BA in Classics from Yale University, a licentiate in theology from Saint Sergius Orthodox Institute, Paris (France), and a masters degree in theology from Saint Vladimir's Orthodox Theological Seminary in Crestwood, NY (USA).  Nikita gained experience as an instructor of iconography and has been teaching this sacred art since 20 years.

Course content and techniques

The course is designed for both first-time and repeating students. In the Prosopon School method, all of the steps of the creation of the icon will be shown in an easy-to-follow, step by step method (excluding board preparation). The unique “floating” (plav’) method of liquid egg tempera with ground pigments will be taught, as well as bole-method gilding. Concurrently, talks and explanations will be given regarding the background and meaning of traditional Christian Byzantine art, and the spirituality of both the icons and the painting process will be explored. The courses are envisioned as an opportunity to experience icon painting as a centering discipline, like in ancient times.

                 Icon painting workshop with Nikita Andrejev

                                    Mother of God Eleousa (Tenderness)

Students will be acquainted with the following :

  • transferring the image on the wooden icon panel,
  • learn gold leaf application by the bole method,
  • study the process of painting in egg tempera,
  • study of the "floating" technique - painting with very diluted paint
  • study the technique of painting with glazes
  • learn how to finish the icon with boiled linseed oil.

As in antiquity, natural materials are used. The iconographic method is characterized by a multi-step process in which the succession of steps is concrete and definite, like in the liturgical services of the Church.

Students will be introduced to both the practical and the theoretical part of the ancient tradition:

  • the symbolism of the icon,
  • the meaning of iconology,
  • and the theological basis of each step of the process are presented in parallel with the technical instructions


Example of Nikita Andrejev's work


                                                 Triptych by Nikita Andrejev

Who can apply

This workshop is open to all levels. 

The technique taught at the Prosopon School does not hold the preparation of professional icon-writers as its foremost goal (although such a possibility is not excluded) and does not require participants to have previous artistic training. The main benefit of study is rather seen to be the discovery of the world of one's inner life through the specific discipline of this ancient sacred art. During the intensive forty-hour course, participants will complete one icon.

General information

Instructor:   Nikita Andrejev
Dates:          April 15th to April 20th, 2024*
                    April 15th to April 20th, 2024 + optional refining and finishing skills April 22nd and April 23rd, 2024
Duration:     6 days, 42 hours of class (7 hours per day - minimum of 7 students)*
                    8 days, 56 hours of class (optional refining and finishing skills - minimum of 7 students)
Location:     Atelier Nadai
, 8 rue François Arago, 47000 Agen, France
Tuition:       for 6 days: 1290 euros net (our classes are exempted of French VAT)

                  for 8 days: 1590 euros net (our classes are exempt of French VAT)

*Main workshop will run during 6 days.
*Attendance in the 2 extra days - Monday April 22nd and Tuesday April 23rd, is optional (minimum of 5 students for the 2 extra days).

Tuition includes
- Nikita's live instructions
- all materials and tools
- wooden board specially prepared for icon painting
- cofee, tea and biscuits during breaks


The materials provided by Atelier Nadaï include:

  • The wooden icon panel:  basswood, with traditional splines cut into the back and routed-out inner space on the front. The board is prepared with a natural rabbit skin glue ground, linen cloth, and nine layers of natural gesso (chalk, marble dust, rabbit skin glue) sanded and polished very smoothly. It is a lengthy process which requires quite a bit of know-how.
  • The necessary amount of bole, which is a mixture of red clay and hide glue; the layer of bole on the icon facilitates gilding.
  • The necessary amount of 23K loose gold leaf sheets.
  • All necessary pigments for the icon to be made, including some rare historical and precious ones.
  • A set of brushes

For more information and to receive course brochure please send us an email.



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