The Art of painting a Grotesca using egg tempera


Master Class Traditional and Historic Techniques
The Art of of painting a Grotesca using egg tempera

-  Classical techniques for the modern painter!  -
with Caterina MANISCO


We are delighted to organise this 5-day workshop with Italian master decorative painting artist Caterina Manisco who will be teaching the Art of Grotesca using traditional techniques.  Caterina will share her know-how and techniques that she acquired not only during her training with renowned masters but also during years of working in the multitude of prestigious commissioned works all over Europe and internationally (principally at the Vatican Museum).  

Focus of this workshop will be on painting a beautiful multi-colored Grotesca panel on canvas using egg tempera and pigment powder. 
Egg tempera is an ancient medium that has been used to create so many masterpieces over the centuries.  As you work on your beautiful panel, you will be adding an elegant addition to your portfolio.




Content of the course

The following techniques will be covered in class*:

  • preparing the pigment powder
  • preparing the egg tempera binder
  • technique of transferring the design on the support
  • getting familiar with the techniques of painting with egg tempera binder and pigment powder on a gilded surface
  • techniques of painting the Grotesca ornaments and elements
  • protecting the panel using traditional techniques

*the content of the course is for informative purpose, the instructor reserves the right to bring some modifications if deemed necessary.

Who can apply

Although this course is open to all persons who wish to learn the techniques of painting Grotesca elements using egg tempera, this class will especially benefit those who have some experience in painting.

Organiser:   Atelier Nadaï
Instructor:   Caterina MANISCO**
Dates:          November 4th, 2024 to November 8th, 2024
Duration:     5 days.  40 hours of class time (8 hours per day)
Location:      Atelier Nadaï, 8 rue François Arago, 47000 Agen, France
Tuition:        for those paying through personal funds:  1100 euros (our courses are exempt of French 20% VAT).
                    for persons applying for scholarship:  1200 euros (our courses are exempt of French 20% VAT).
                    All materials included except for sundry items.

Tuition includes: 
- Caterina Manisco's step by step instructions
- Materials
- Surface to paint on (polyester canvas)
- cofee, tea and biscuits during breaks

Materials furnished by Atelier Nadaï*:

  • Polyester canvas
  • Egg tempera binder, mediums and other basic materials
  • The pigment powder needed to paint the multi-colored Grotesca panel
  • set of polyester brushes

*participants will be requested to bring their own sundry items such as notebook, pencil and pen, malstick etc.

**in case of a force majeur, the school reserves the right to replace the instructor - the student will be informed of this change before the start of class.

For more information and to receive course brochure please send us an email.

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