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peinture murale par Michel NadaïCustom designed & hand-painted
from the sketch to the finished mural

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(1)  It all starts with the first rendezvous.  When a client contacts us for a mural project, the very first thing we do is set up a meeting, which can be done either in person or by video conference if the client is living far or in another country.

(2)  It is during this meeting that I will discover the space that will be decorated, the client's needs, the measurements of the area, the difficulty or other 'obstacles' to take into account, and of course, the content and the style of the painted decoration and/or mural(s), etc.

It is also during this discussion that I will start to sketch an idea, which will become the base for the maquette or mock-up, and serve as base for the final maquette.

(3)  The maquette or mock-up is done in pencil, and it will be done to scale, in a reduced format, taking into account the real measurements of the allotted space.  It is then sent to my client accompanied by a quote, which includes the design fee and the fee for the actual work.

Again, according to need and when the pencil scaled model is accepted, a painted scale model can also be presented.

(4)  The final work is executed at my studio, on cavas, which will then be marouflaged (glued on wall), either by myself or by a specialized team found locally.  According to the nature of the project, the work can also be done directly on site. 

Michel Nadaï is available for commissions, in France and internationally.
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