Students' testimonials!


Students' testimonials
At the end of each course, we ask students their feedback on their educational experience. Here are  a few of their responses.


I loved the course, Michel's abilities are very admirable, and he teaches them well!

Michel and Kyoko, coming here and working with you both was an extreme pleasure.  Michel thank you for sharing your knowledge.  At times I felt like I was watching a magician reveal his trickes!  Seriously, the importance of teaching these techniques will preserve the standards of the work to be excellent.  Kyoko, your ability to translate was exception, clear and went smoothly throughout the course.  I was able to take notes on each technique that I will contine using through my career.  Bless you both!  Thank you!
M. W.

My goal was to "understand" marble, I leave with a clearer mind on the subject.  I seized the chance and the opportunity to have done this training course, I was looking for perfection and I found it.

Thank you Michel for all your technical advice, anecdotes and love for decorative painting!

This second learning session has once again opened my mind to new techniques, to be repeated every year!

Like the two previous times, it is a real pleasure to come and learn under Michel's expert eye.  His sense of pedagogy, precision and accuracy allow an obvious progression.  Always keeping his calm, his patience and his humility.  It is thus very pleasant for me to listen and learn while contemplating 'el maestro' working.  See you next year!

THANK YOU for your kindness, professionalism, PERFECT instruction, from the bottom of my heart thank you!

The course completely met my expectations, in a warm and friendly atmosphere.

High level of skills, in both the pedagogical and practical sense.

Very professional training in which one feels good.  Explanations and progress of the training are perfectly mastered.  It was my first approach to oil painting and I am very satisfied with what I learned and achieved.  I will be able to continue on my own, based on these very good foundations that were given to me.

Always a real pleasure to come and learn new techniques with Michel, so I hope to see you again soon.


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