Training materials and facility


Training materials:
Atelier Nadaï provides students the free use of the following equipment and materials:


Collective equipment :
Workshop tables and easels,
Chairs and stepladders NF
Pails and buckets,
Chalk lines, plumb lines, rulers and tape measures, spirit levels,
Printer, photocopier
Free use of wifi terminal for internet connection,
Industrial cleaning products, broom, mop, vacuum cleaner, waste garbage can, recycling.
Large TV screen (Allows trainees to see the trainer's work up close while respecting the social distancing)
Air purifier


Work materials :
Various painting and drawing materials
Kraft paper for graining and marbling exercises
Polyester canvas for the trompe-l'oeil, Grotesca exercises, mural painting, seascape etc.
Various photocopies of the courses throughout the training
- students will work on various surfaces that they will take back home.


Mediums, solvents and oils - free use of the following products
Linseed oil
Odorless mineral spirit
Japan drier (siccative)
Odorless white spirit
Retarder for acrylic paint
Savon de marseille (soap for cleaning brushes)
Cleaning sponge and maintenance products


Colors - free use of the following products
Pigment powder
Base paints (glycerol and acrylic)
Extra fine oil paint
Extra fine acrylic paint
Egg tempera binder

Acrylic binder


*In order to provide quality training, we take care of the products used during our courses.
  Our training center uses high quality products, of professional quality.


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