Our atelier

Our atelier

Where will the courses take place?

Atelier Nadaï is in beautiful southwest France in the town of
AGEN in the Lot et Garonne department (Nouvelle Aquitaine Region).  Agen can be reached by bullet train from Paris, either directly from Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport or from Montparnasse train station (quicker).  It can also be reached by flying into either Bordeaux or Toulouse International Airports and then catching connecting train rides to Agen. 

photo handi   Our atelier is located on the ground floor and is accessible to persons in wheelchair or reduced mobility. 
If you have any special needs, please contact Kyoko Nadaï beforehand so we can see how we can see how we can make the necessary arrangements.

How to come to Agen?
- From Paris CDG Int'l Airport
  ⇒ take a domestic flight to Toulouse or Bordeaux Airports ⇒ go to train terminal and take train to Agen train station
- From other European int'l airports
  ⇒ fly into Toulouse or Bordeaux Airports ⇒ go to train terminal and take train to Agen train station

Link on how to travel to Agen by train:

What about accommodation?
Our atelier is conveniently located 2 minutes on foot from Agen train station.  There are a number of hotels and rentals, plenty of restaurants and cafés, shops and local farmers market - all at walking distance to our atelier!

For further information on accommodation in Agen and how to get to our atelier please don't hesitate to write to us.

Hotels in Agen

Some suggestions:
- Apartcity Agen * AppartCity offers discount to our students for a minimum of 5 nights. 
  Please contact AppartCity directly via email and tell them that you'll be taking a course at Atelier Nadaï:

- Rental unit at 2 minutes on foot from our atelier:

Rental units at walking distance from our atelier.

- Résidence 7ème Art

- 7 Hotel Particulier

Rental units located around 7 minutes from our atelier by car.

- Résidence Columba

- Résidence Astoria

Useful links!
Link for shuttle bus at Bordeaux airport
Link for public transport at Toulouse airport (scroll down to bus)
Bordeaux International Airport
Toulouse International Airport
Europe Railway
Guide to Agen
Short history of Agen
Atelier Nadaï

Address of our atelier:
Atelier Nadaï

8 rue François Arago
47000 Agen

tel - landline: +33553670975
tel - cell phone: +33609930913


We look forward to receiving you at our atelier in Agen!

Click here to locate us on the map of Agen!  Follow us on Instagram!!

landline tel: +33553670975
cell phone:  +33609930913

Photo of Atelier Nadaï at 8 rue François Arago, 47000 Agen, France

Atelier Nadaï 8 rue François Arago 47000 Agen France

Rent a car and visit the beautiful southwest France!

Welcome to Atelier Nadaï!
Atelier Nadaï




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