About - Nikita Andrejev

Nikita Andrejev
Master Iconographer
Instructor at the Prosopon School of Iconography
Guest instructor at Atelier Nadaï for the course Art of Iconography

Nikita Andrejev was born in 1974 in Saint Petersburg, Russia. In 1979, he and his parents left the Soviet Union, eventually settling in the United States. From his youth, Nikita has worked as an apprentice, assistant, and interpreter for his father, the iconographer Vladislav Andrejev. From his father he learned the technique of Russian Byzantine icon painting in the liquid egg tempera method, as well as fundamental insights into the theology of the Orthodox icon and the Christian world-view.  Simultaneously, Nikita gained experience as an instructor of iconography. He was able to supplement this training through studies and travel. In 1997 Nikita received a BA in Classics from Yale University (USA).

During 2001–2005, he studied at the Saint Sergius Orthodox Institute, Paris (France), receiving a licentiate in theology. In 2015 he completed a masters degree in theology at Saint Vladimir's Orthodox Theological Seminary in Crestwood, NY (USA). Meanwhile, Nikita has been instrumental in aiding his father in the founding the Prosopon School of Iconology.

With centers in the northeast of the United States, the School introduces students to the practice and theory of ancient iconography as a religious discipline. Nikita is a member of the group of iconographer-instructors who make up the leadership of the school. From 2005, Nikita makes his principal home in Estonia with his family. He heads the Tallinn branch of the Prosopon School, painting church and private commissions of portable icons and murals, offering weekly classes and intensive workshops throughout Europe and North America, and giving lectures.

1997 - BA in Classics from Yale University (USA)
2001–2005, Saint Sergius Orthodox Institute, Paris (France)
2015 - Masters degree in theology at Saint Vladimir's Orthodox Theological Seminary in Crestwood, NY (USA)

In 2017, Nikita was ordained a deacon of the Estonian Orthodox Church of the Moscow Patriarchate.


Works and commissions:

Various religious commissions
2022 Byzantine murals in the Cupola of Saint Sava Church - Dallas, Texas, USA
2019 Mural paintings in St Silouan Chapel, Arvo Pärt Center, Laulasmaa, Estonia
2008-2009 Murals in the Church of St. Michael the Archangel, Maardu (using egg tempera)

2007-2024 Icon commissions
For over 20 years, Nikita has been painting icons in the traditional way, on wood with natural gesso, authentic gold leaf on bole and egg tempera.


Nikita Andrejev icon painting workshops at Atelier Nadaï