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Limited edition - back by popular demand!

Fusion Mineral Paint - Lisa Marie Holmes Collection

The Lisa Marie Holmes Collection is inspired by the ritual of tea time and the benefits of natural herbs, each shade reflects serenity and relaxation. Muted and soft, the collection reflects a shared vision for a healthy home. Now back in stock are the shades Divine Lavender and Twilight Geranium!



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Fusion Mineral Paint - Divine Lavender

Product no.: PMFLMH - 001

Delicate and feminine, uplifting and calm, this muted shade brings a unique balance of versatility and vibrancy.

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Fusion Mineral Paint - Twilight Geranium

Product no.: PMFLMH - 005

Saturated and mindful, this shade was inspired by the long stem blooms of the geranium herb under the low dramatic lighting of twilight.

28.95 *
Stock avaible
Delivery weight: 1 kg
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