Books on decorative painting and trompe-l'oeil

Beautiful hardcover books on the art and techniques of decorative painting, trompe-l'oeil, the art of faux marble.

Beautiful reference books for artists, artisans, art historians and just simply lovers of art and beauty!

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Product no.: Livre 001

An artistic, technical and informative book on decorative painting and trompe-l'oeil by award winning Master Artisan Michel Nadaï.

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Product no.: Livre 004

"Frizes et bordures" is the first in a series of books devoted to the different applications of decorative painting. 

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Product no.: Livre 005

The ceiling holds a major place in interior decoration.  It can be a variety of styles.

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Product no.: Livre 006

For half a century, the Journal-Manuel de Peintures offered its readers every month, information, advice and especially models of decorative painting.

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Product no.: Livre 007

This technical book that is abundantly illustrated was written by two gilders of the restoration workshop of the Château de Versailles. 

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Product no.: Livre 008

For all lovers of wood, with its 800 photographs this is a journey to the heart of the tree that reveals all the poetry of wood. French version.

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Product no.: Livre 010

Who better than Bernard Jacqué, honorary curator of the Rixheim Museum of Wallpaper, could share with us his erudite passion?

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Product no.: Identification des Marbres

This book exists in English version under the title Identifying Marbles by Jacques Dubarry de Lassale.

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