The Portrait in pastel with Cuong Nguyen

Portrait in pastel - Copy of a masterpiece by Bouguereau
- a 5-day master class with Cuong Nguyen -
from May 27th to May 31st, 2024 (5 consecutive days)


Atelier Nadaï is delighted to receive internationally renowned artist Cuong Nguyen who will come and teach a 5-day Portrait in pastel workshop.  Cuong will teach you how to create more realistic portrait in pastel pencil using his distinctive yet easy-to-follow technique as well as his approach to the verdaccio technique.

For this 3rd consecutive year that Cuong will be teaching at Atelier Nadaï, he proposes to work on a subject by the world-famous French painter, Alphonse William Bougureau.  William Bouguereau was born on November 30, 1825 in La Rochelle, where he died on August 19, 1905. He was one of the major representatives of French academic painting at the end of the XIXᵉ century.


Copy Master works Workshop -
details of course program explained by Cuong Nguyen

Though every artist should strive to evolve their own personal style, there is still a great deal that can be learned through the practice of copying the work of the Old Masters who produced artworks in the past. This practice may have fallen out of favor in many art schools of today, but it was once a fundamental component of classical art training, and with good reason.

Copying a masterwork forces you to analyze the work in a different way, deconstructing it so that you can produce the same effect on your own. In the process of reproducing a variety of works that you admire, you’re bound to discover new techniques that you can adapt and incorporate into your personal work. Often, you’ll find that your drawing skill will improve more rapidly during this copying process than it does when working on your original art. You can then harness these improved skills to your own creativity.


Day 1: Learning about the color method

Day 2: Learning how to traded an image to your paper.

Day 3: Finish the under drawing, and student will apply the Verdaccio technique.

Day 4: Working on skin tone technique.

Day 5: Details and final touches.


*Outline of the program is for informative purpose; the program may therefore receive modifications if necessary


Subject for Cuong Nguyen's workshop
  La Treille by William Bouguereau - subject for Cuong Nguyen's upcoming workshop!

During this workshop Cuong will demonstrate his own techniques to draw from a photograph using soft pastels and pastel pencils.  Students will learn to use an approach that helps them see the big shapes first and then go into details towards the end of the course.

These workshops are designed to create a relaxed, informative, yet focused working environment for all skill levels. The core of the lesson will be based on drawing, values, edges, composition and creating life-like skin tone color. Students will learn to use an approach that helps them see the big shapes first, and then go into details towards the end of the session. This is a great opportunity for you to discover your own passion for drawing, or just take your existing skills to the next level. This is a small class with individualized instruction, so space is limited.


                     Techniques of Portrait in Pastel by Cuong Nguyen



Places are limited to 10 students!

Date:         May 27th to May 31st, 2024
Duration:    5 days from Monday to Friday: a total of 35 hours

                  7 hours of class per day from 9:00am-12:00pm and 13:30pm-17:30pm
Instructor:  Cuong Nguyen
Atelier Nadaï, 8 rue François Arago, 47000 Agen, France
Tuition:      1200.00 euros net (our courses are exempt of VAT). 

Tuition includes

  1. Cuong's live instructions and daily critic of your work

  2. free sheets for drawing portrait in pastel (approximately 50cmx65cm)

  3. color photos of portrait subject

  4. coffee, tea and biscuits during breaks

Materials needed for the class
We ask that you bring the following materials for this workshop

  1. 1 set of CarbOthello - set of 60 colors

  2. artist masking tape

  3. large drawing folder (to carry back your work)

  4. mahlstick

  5. soft pastel for background

  6. rags

  7. kneaded rubber

  8. 6 board clips


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