Still Life painting with David Gray

Still Life by David Gray

Painting Still Life in Oil - a Master Class with David Gray
Classical and alla prima techniques

For the seventh consecutive year, Atelier Nadaï is immensely pleased to receive internationally renowned award-winning artist, David Gray, who will come to teach his remarkable oil painting techniques at our school.  During this 5-day workshop, you will be studying both the classical approach and also the alla prima technique. It’s really two workshops in one!

David's signature style reveals a personal and contemporary expression of beauty and order which pays homage to the Classical Tradition in its craftsmanship. Collectors of David's work often relate that his painting evoke a sense of peace, stillness, or a contemplative mood. His award winning works have been covered by major art publications including Southwest Art, Art of the West, and American Art Collector. David also teaches several workshops per year in portraiture and still life painting  throughout the United States and abroad.
Join us in
beautiful southwest France and immerse yourself completely in still life painting during this 5-day intensive and fun workshop with master painter David Gray.  You will discover the classical and alla prima painting techniques of great masters whose beautiful still life paintings adorn the walls of museums worldwide.  This class will really benefit students who have a firm grasp of drawing and oil painting basics, and who wish to take their Still Life painting techniques to the next level.



⇒ This workshop is offered back-to-back with the Half-length Figure Painting class with David Gray.  To find out more about the other class, please click hereA rare opportunity, not to be missed!

Hats by David Gray

Mark your calendars for 2023!

Date:           April 17th, 2023 to April 21st, 2023
Duration:     5 days from Monday to Friday: a total of 40 hours

                   8 hours of class per day from 8:30am-12:30pm and 14:00pm-18:00pm
Instructor:   David Gray
Atelier Nadaï, 8 rue François Arago, 47000 Agen, France
Tuition:       for those paying through personal funds:  1100 euros (our courses are exempt of French 20% VAT). 
                  for persons applying for scholarship:  1200 euros (our courses are exempt of French 20% VAT). 
All materials included except for brushes and sundry items.

Tuition includes

  1. David's live instructions and daily critic of your work

  2. free use of high quality oil paints, solvants and mediums that David Gray uses in his daily work.

  3. free canvases specially prepared according to David's instructions.

  4. color photos of still life subject (for classical and alla prima techniques)

  5. coffee, tea and biscuits during breaks

                                 Still Life workshop with David Gray at Atelier Nadaï!

For more information please send us an email or call us at (33)5 53 67 09 75 (landline).