The Art of Painting a Seascape

The Art of Painting a Seascape
with Michel Nadaï

Content of the course :
Another one of our signature courses that we are delighted to offer over and over again as it's a fun workshop and students are always amazed at how much they can accomplish during the course! 

During this 5-day workshop you will learn how to paint a realistic seascape as Michel shows you step-by-step how to paint the colors of the water, the waves, the sea foam, the sand, the transparent effects and reflections of the water as well as the movements of light and shadow on the water, the sky...!

Objectives of the class / Experience level: 

The purpose of this class is to lead students to create a realistic seascape using acryic and oil paints.
This course will especially benefit students who have prior experience in drawing and painting.

Quick highlight of the course
Rendering of a seascape with techniques of:
 -  paintint the sky and clouds

 -  rendering of the horizon and elements such as cliffs
 -  realistic rendering of the water
 -  painting the waves, the sea foam, the reflections of the water
 -  painting the reflections on the water, the movements of light and shadow on the water...



Instructor:   Michel Nadaï
Dates:          from December 9th to December 13th, 2024
Duration:     5 days (total of 35 hours)
Location:     Atelier Nadaï, 8 rue François Arago, 47000 Agen, France
Tuition:       950 euros net (all our courses are exempt of 20% VAT)
                    - paints, medium and supports to paint on are included
                    - not included: brushes and sundry items, travel, accommodation and meals

Tuition includes
- Michel's live, step by step instructions.
- oil paints and acrylic paints, solvents and mediums.
- polyester canvas.
- cofee, tea and biscuits during breaks

This class is part of our Decorative Painter's Foundation Course.
It can also be taken as a custom summer course, with a minimum of 3 persons.
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Article in Artistes Magazine!

Article in Artistes Magazine (in French).  Step by step photos and text on how to paint a seascape.