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Michel Nadai decorative painting artist, author and instructor

Welcome to Atelier Nadaï!  I am Michel Nadaï, decorative painting artist and Best Craftsman of France in this discipline (Meilleur Ouvrier de France). I am also the author of the book Art and Techniques of decorative painting, published by Editions Vial.

I have always painted.  Painting is my life, it’s the language I use when I want to describe any given moment in my life.  This is why I made it my work and since 30 years I’ve been teaching it professionally.  In my courses I focus on transmitting painting techniques, but I also like to speak to my students about harmony, the measurement, the composition, and the old masters’ teachings.  And when it’s time to speak about the proportion and the golden number, I also like to mention the builders of cathedrals and the Quine.  I also like to speak about a particularly amazing period that for me is still a source of inspiration today - the Renaissance….a period in our history during which our thinking and our tools were dedicated to the Arts; musicians, poets, architects, sculptors and of course painters, left us with a huge and indispensable legacy that is still important for us today.

I often say to my students: it is in its quest for aestheticism that one can measure the advancement of a civilization.

When I'm not at my school, I’m invited to teach abroad and I also take on commissioned works in France and internationally.  One of the highlights of my career as a decorative painting artist is the work I’ve accomplished at Stirling Castle in Scotland, during the restoration of the Palace.  It is for this work that I had the honor of being officially presented to Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II of England as well as to Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh and other dignitaries.  An unforgettable moment indeed!

Through my website I invite you to discover this universe of painted decorations that transformed interior and exterior spaces throughout the centuries and continue to do so today.

Thank you for your visit!

Michel Nadaï


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