Milk Paint mixer

Milk Paint mixer

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Mixing milk paint to a perfect consistency can take a bit of practice, so we decided to make it easier by offering this handy tool. It’s lightweight and operates on two AA batteries.

How to use milk paint mixer:

Measure one part water and pour into container where paint will be mixed.
Measure one part milk paint powder and add to water.
Depending on the size of your project, a part can be anything you wish: tablespoon, cups, etc.

VERY IMPORTANT:  Do not over mix/froth!

Insert mixer into container, pressed all the way to the bottom.  
Once pressed to the bottom of containter, turn mixer on and apply gentle pounced up and down off the bottom of the container.  By applying pressure to the bottom of the container it stops the mixer from turning too quickly and too much (which can result in froth).  Pounce the mixer up and down for 10-20 seconds maximum.

Sample out to determine if mixture is too thin (transparent), add more paint powder or if it is too thick (opaque/chunky), add more water and mix again.  Repeat until desired consistency/coverage is reached.


Adding powder gradually while mixing will prevent clumping at bottom of the container. 
Let mixture stand for one minute and repeat mixing as necessary. 
Remember to stir your mixed paint every few minutes with your brush to prevent pigments and raw materials from settling to bottom.

Once desired consistency is achieved, insert your Milk Paint Mixer into clean water.
Turn mixer on for 20 seconds.  Repeat until mixer is completely clean, then dry with a clean cloth.

►This mixer is not intended for food preparation.  Use strictly for mixing paint.

  • sold without the batteries

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