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Tung oil

Tung oil is unpolymerized and is all natural drying oil, providing a tough, flexible and highly water-resistant coating. Perfect for furniture, counter tops, interior and exterior wood surfaces. This oil provides a soft lustre with a finish that is unrivalled by many other oils.

How to use it

Clean and prep your surface

Prep is your friend! make sure your surface is clean, these natural oil finishes won’t penetrate polyurethane or varnish so you would need to remove that by sanding. 

Cut the Oil with Mineral Spirits

Thinning the oil with odorless solvent helps it penetrate the surface and speeds up the dry time. Subsequent coats can be full strength but must be wiped down after 15 minutes. Always allow ample drying time (48 hours+).  Using it without the solvent the dry time is longer. If a solvent has been used cut the Tung Oil it is no longer a food-safe finish.

Applying the oil

After the surface has been prepped by removing any debris, or unwanted previous poly coating, you may proceed to apply the Tung Oil finish. Apply the Tung Oil generously with a brush or cloth. Let the wood soak in the Tung Oil for approximately 5-10 minutes. Remove the excess Tung Oil within 10 minutes of application, if you leave the Tung Oil on for too long and it dries it may go sticky and tacky, you don’t want the Tung Oil to start drying on the surface you want all the excess removed.


Tung Oil vs Hemp Oil

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