Art & techniques Grotesca

Art & techniques Grotesca

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Carolina d'Ayala Valva worked for years painting Grotesque decoration work on ceilings, furniture and panels for clients in several countries in Europe and the US.
The years of work and experience led her to publish the book: "Art et Techniques de la Grotesque" (Editions Vial, 2009).  This bilingual book is conveniently written in both French and English and contains loads of step by step instructions and inspiring photos.  A must have book if you are a fan of grotesca paintings!
In the first section of the book, the author presents the techniques used as well as the tools, the pigments, how to prepare the grounds and the paints, and how to protect the final work.

In the second part, the author shows how to paint 25 different motifs in details and with lots of accompanying photos.

Finally, the last part shows various works of Carolina, with accompanying maquettes and drawings that can be easily reproduced and used as inspiration for artistic work.



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