Wood Identification

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For all lovers of wood, with its 800 photographs this is a journey to the heart of the tree that reveals all the poetry of wood....

The reader is invited on a journey into the heart of the wood, both technical and poetic thanks to its hundreds of beautiful photographs.  Thanks to its magnificent photographs, this book will help the reader discover and appreciate over 400 species.  It will seduce the layman sensitive to the visual poetry of the wood, the amateur or the professional (decorative painter, decorator, carpenter, cabinetmaker, antique dealer, etc.) in search of a iconographic documentation on the different species.  Readers searching for more technical information on each species will be interested in the 72 species of wood, or wood species that represent 120 varieties, or even commercial woods and the resinous woods for professionals.


Part 1: Knowledge of wood: the tree, the cycle of the sap, from the leaf to the wood, journey from the bark to the heart of the trunk, the plans of observation of the structure of the wood, journey into the heart of the wood, aesthetics of the woods, the singularities of the woods.

Part 2: Identity and aesthetics of woods: preamble, gymnosperms, ginkgo, conifers, angiosperms, dicotyledons, monocotyledons. Directory of classification in alphabetical order.

Number of pages: 336 pages
Year published: 2009
Languages: French/English

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