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The ceiling holds a major place in interior decoration.  It can be done in a French style, in an Italian style, it can be a coffered ceiling or done in stucco.  The ceiling was sometimes treated so richly that it was considered to be the element of decoration par excellence.  This volume, the second in a series of books devoted to decorative painting, turns around this theme, with a choice of plates published in the Journal-Manuel de Peintures at a time when eclectisme, historicism, neoclassicism but also the search of a new style shared the tastes of an ever wider audience.

Number of pages: 208
Language: French
Year published: 2015

Ornaments in the second half of the 19th century
Ceilings in interior decoration
The plates
French ceilings
Coffered ceilings
Classical-Baroque ceilings
Directoire, Empire style ceilings
The skies
Ceilings with oriental or Middle Eastern inspiration

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