L'Art du Faux Marbre

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Pierre Lefumat marked an entire generation of decorative painters with his exquisite taste and his mastery of painting techniques.  Three great classics of imitation marble are studied with detailed step-by-step techniques, accompanied by over 20 photographs tracing those specific steps.  The reader will thus discover the secrets of painting the grey breche, the yellow sienna and the sea green marbles.

The author then presents 26 pannels that represent the rich diversity of marbles, whether they are breches or brocatellos, or pieces that are closer to works of art.  For each creation, the reader is first presented with the entire panel, then taken through a journey of detailed photographs, with a brief technical description and the time that it took to execute each marble, which can vary from several hours to several days. 

Bilingual book (French/English)

                                                                      Pierre Lefumat


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