Art & Techniques: Decorative Painting

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"Michel Nadaï presents us with a magnificent book, written simultaneously in English and in French. He defines Decorative Painting as an invitation to a reverie that becomes even more magical with the art of trompe-l’oeil. The author is at the same time an artist, a highly skilled technician, and an instructor, and his book is artistic, technical and informative. He presents us with the basics, then moves on to the imitation of substances, imitation marble, wood graining, semi-precious stones and materials, and concludes with the techniques of trompe-l’oeil, perspective and painted murals.

Professionals as well as amateurs will find this book very appealing, for how can we not admire an art that consists of graining over a piece of wood, and creating a rendering that is more beautiful and more real than the actual wood that served as support

Mr. Lucien GIAI-BRUERI, Best Craftsman of France


January 28, 2017

Hi there Michel and Kyoko.

I recived my books today (Art & Technqiues Decorative Painting/ Art of Faux Marble) and I must say that they are really amazing.
I'm overwhelmed. Such quality and passion for the work is hard to find nowadays.

Thank you soo much for the fast shipping and your support.
And thanks for two extraordinary books. :)

My best wishes to you.
Daniel Nyrèn
Kalmar city, Sweden


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