About - Yaeko Kurimata


Yaeko Kurimata
Decorative Painting Artist
Owner and Director of Faux Arts Design, Tokyo
Professor at the Fine Arts University Joshibi, Tokyo

Yaeko Kurimata was born in Tokyo, Japan in 1962.  From a very young age, she used to dress up in a kimono whenever there was a special occasion, whether it was a rite of passage like the shichi-go-san or other such important events.  This kindled her interest in traditional fabrics and led her to study textile design along with space planning at the renowned Joshibi University of Art and Design.




1982 - 1986: Tokyo Joshibi Daigaku University - Bachelor of Arts (B.A.), Textile design
1990 - 1991: Tokyo Fashion Institute of Fashion & Merchandising - Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) Space design