About - Mats Carlsson


Mats began as house painter in the mid-1970s.   In 1991 he received the opportunity to study decorative painting with Master Painter Stellan Palm, where he stayed for eight years. There he learned the classical techniques of graining, marbling, grisailles etc.

In 1996 he went to Yannick Guegan in France and was the first Scandinavian to receive a diploma. Later in the year he started a 1-year education for decorative painting in Norrköping, Sweden. In 2000 he, together with his colleague Lotta Olsson, started Palm Fine Arts educational centre for decorative painting. The one-year program was converted into a 2-year education.   In 2015 the education was again converted to a 1-year education and run still.

Mats' words:  "I use only environmentally friendly water-based material.  Transition to water-based materials has meant that we have developed techniques that have significantly reduced the working time, without reducing the quality. Today it is a requirement to be able to perform high quality work in minimum time. "

Mats' specialities are wood graining, material imitation and trompe-l'oeil. He taught many classes in the United States and in several European countries.

Besides running the school and giving classes Mats takes on commisioned works.

Member of the Salon since 1996, together with Lotta Olsson, they host the Salon in Norrköping, Sweden in 1999.