Graining and trompe-l'oeil

Graining and trompe-l'oeil

Master Class Graining with trompe-l'oeil molding and ornament

Instructor:  Michel Nadaï

Date: dates are flexible for this class (depending on instructor's availability)
Duration: 5 days
all our courses are exempt of 20% VAT    
   Group fee - 980 euros per person (minimum 3 persons /40 hours, 8 hours per day)
   Individual fee: 1350 euros (for a private class of 35 hours, 7 hours per day)         
   ♦ paints, medium and supports to paint on included in both group fee and individual fee
   ♦ not included: brushes and sundry items, travel, accommodation and meals

Learn how to enhance your wood graining work by adding a trompe-l'oeil ornament and chipped paint effect.
This work will be done on polyester canvas (provided by the school).

Places are limited (maximum 5 students) to allow ample one on one training.
It's also possible to request a private class with Michel (please see above for individual fee).


Pickled oak (heart grain) with trompe-l'oeil molding and ornament with chipped paint effect

Michel_Nadai-faux_bois_and_trompe-loeil_2    chene_ceruse_close_up

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