Italian grisaille

The Art of Italian Grisaille

The Art of Italian grisaille
with Stefano Luca

We are delighted to organise this 10-day workshop with Italian master decorative painting artist Stefano Luca who will be teaching how to paint Italian ornaments in grisaille.

Stefano will share his know-how and techniques that he acquired not only through his professional training but also during years of working on prestigious commissioned works all over Europe and internationally.   Thanks to this experience, Stefano was able to develop his own techniques and characteristic style in the Italian decorative tradition.

photo_2_Stefano_Luca   grisaille by Stefano Luca

Content of the course

The following techniques will be covered in class*:
- preparing the support (polyester canvas)
- preparing the paint (acrylic paint + pigment powder)
- technique of transferring the design on the support
- techniques of creating relief
- techniques of painting the moldings and ornamental elements
   using the ‘Italian touch’.
- protecting the panel

*the program is for informative purpose, the school reserves the right to bring modifications if deemed necessary.

grisaille by Stefano Luca 2


Who can apply
This course is open to all persons who wish to learn the techniques of painting Italian ornaments and moldings in grisaille.

Organiser:   Atelier Nadaï
Instructor:   Stefano Luca
Dates:          May 6h to May 17th, 2019
Duration:     10 days.  80 hours of class time (8 hours per day)
Location:     Atelier Nadaï, 8 rue François Arago, 47000 Agen, France
Tuition:        1960 euros (exempt of 20% French VAT)

Tuition includes: 
- Stefano Luca's step by step instructions
- Materials (acrylic paints, pigment powder, etc.)
- Surface to paint on (polyester canvas)
- set of polyester brushes to paint the grisaille
- cofee, tea and biscuits during breaks

*participants will be requested to bring their own sundry items such as notebook, pencil and pen, malstick etc.

For more information and to receive course brochure please send us an email.

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