Painting an allegory in the style of Raphael

Master Class Techniques and Know-how
The Art of Painting an allegory in the style of Raphaël

with Stefano Luca


Dove il passo ci porta allo spirito di Raffaello...
Where the footsteps lead us to the spirit of Raphael...

For centuries, Raphael was considered as the greatest painter who ever lived.  He is revered for taking the practice of painting to the pinnacle of technical achievement, which subsequent generations would use as the ideal to aspire to.  It is said that through him painting has found its full expression.  This consideration was already recognized during Raphael’s lifetime and his untimely death, on his birthday, April 6, 1520 in Rome, gives it a most singular dimension.

Where others brought technique, Raphael depicted lines, materials and colors, measure, grace and harmony. He is the father of gentle manner and elegance; his gesture has profoundly influenced Western painting up to the 19th century.


ATELIER NADAÏ celebrates Raphael

Atelier Nadaï joins with Stefano Luca to celebrate Raffaello Sanzio - better known as Raphael,
one of the undisputed masters of the High Renaissance in Italy!


By representing the recognizable iconography of Raphael, Stefano LUCA offers a new look to glorify the style and the gesture of this artist as well as the materials he used.  During this workshop Stefano will focus on the traditional fresco techniques practiced by Raphael during the High Italian Renaissance, but he will do so with a modern twist – using pigment powder and acrylic paint.

For all those who know Stefano Luca’s work and who trained under him agree that he is one of the best in his field.  Whether you’re a decorative painter, a muralist or an artist, this unique workshop will help you discover this particular language born from the spirit of Raphael more than five hundred years ago.

During this 5-day workshop, focus will be on discovering and learning the Italian approach to painting an allegory.  You will be working on a beautiful panel on canvas, with the design inspired by Raphael. At the end of the five-day class, you will take back home an elegant panel to add to your portfolio.

Learn a new technique and include a gorgeous panel in your portfolio!

by Raphael   
close up of a fresco by Raphael


Who is this class for?

This course is open to all persons who wish to learn the techniques of painting an allegory in the style of Raphael.  This class is offered back-to-back with
Caterina Manisco's The Art of Grotesca workshop and will benefit those who already have experience in drawing and painting. 

What you will learn in this course:

The following techniques will be covered in class*:
- techniques of transferring the design on the support
- techniques of using the mixture of acrylic paint and pigment powder to paint a 'faux fresco' effect.
- techniques of painting the base color for the figure.
- techniques of painting flesh tones

- techniques of using acrylic paint and pigment powder to create drapery
- techniques of light and shadow to create volume

- techniques of adding highlights

*the program is for informative purpose, the school reserves the right to bring modifications if deemed necessary.


by Raphael
close up of fresco painted by Raphael

Organiser:   Atelier Nadaï
Instructor:  Stefano Luca
Dates:         Monday March 22nd, 2021 to Friday March 26th, 2021
Duration:    5 days.  40 hours of class time (8 hours per day)
Location:    Atelier Nadaï, 8 rue François Arago, 47000 Agen, France
Tuition:      980 euros (exempt of 20% French VAT)

Tuition includes: 
- Stefano Luca's step by step instructions
- Materials (acrylic paints, pigment powder, and other such basic materials)
- Surface to paint on (polyester canvas)
- set of polyester brushes
- cofee, tea and biscuits during breaks

*participants will be requested to bring their own sundry items such as notebook, pencil and pen, malstick etc.

For more information and to receive course brochure please send us an email.


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