Fusion Mineral Paint - Accents

Fusion™ offers a full range of accents to achieve a range of faux finish effects.  Get inspired with our products!

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New Fusion Crackle Texture

Product no.: PMF - 060

Create a crackled paint effect with Fusion Crackle texture. Simply apply as a base coat, let dry, then paint over top. 

18.50 *
Stock avaible
Delivery weight: 490 g

New Fusion Mineral Paint Fresco

Product no.: PMF - 66

Fresco gives you the perfect sea swept, weathered, worn and rustic texturized look. Fresco is 100% Natural and contains no VOC’s.

from 14.50 *
Stock avaible
Delivery weight: 800 g

New Pouring resin

Product no.: PMF - 057

Pouring Resin is an acrylic pouring medium for creating beautiful art on canvas or wood, that dries with a high gloss finish.

28.00 *
Stock avaible
Delivery weight: 1 kg

New Fusion Mineral Paint Cell Enhancer

Product no.: PMF - 059

Fusion™ TSP Alternative is a water-based degreaser used to thoroughly clean a painted surface prior to applying paint.

12.95 *
Stock avaible
Delivery weight: 300 g

Fusion Mineral Paint Clear Glaze

Product no.: PMF - 053

New to the collection, Fusion Mineral Paint's clear glaze allows you to create your own finish. 

17.95 *
Stock avaible
Delivery weight: 490 g

Fusion Mineral Paint Antiquing Glaze

Product no.: PMF - 055

Fusion Mineral Paint Antiquing Glaze is lightly tinted to a rich brown for the perfect antiquing look and soft matte finish.

17.95 *
Stock avaible
Delivery weight: 950 g
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