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Sitting standing desk and studio chair

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Sitting standing desk and studio chair - Semisitting®

Comfortable and ergonomic chair for artists, illustrators and all persons who are continuously sitting down and standing up.

We're pleased to introduce you to this chair that is comfortable, ergonomic, good-looking and supportive for long hours of your sitting time.

The SEMISITTING chair is recommended for:
Workers who remain standing for long periods of time with little movement of the lower limbs, or who are continually sitting down and standing up.
High working planes with regard to floor level [typically between 85 and 100 cm].
Small space under working plane.

The SEMISITTING chair can be used for semi-sitting postures or sitting postures. It comes in a variety of different versions that can be used for posts in which the worker assumes a semi-sitting position, and for posts in which workers sit in an elevated position.
In such cases, the chairs can be equipped with a footrest and wheels with a braking system specially designed to enable the chair to be moved easily when unoccupied, and to block the wheels when someone sits down.


Why Semisitting®?

When someone spends their entire working day standing up, the following physical problems may appear :
- Swelling of the calves.
- Poor venous return and varicose veins.
- Bone deformities in the feet.

Furthermore, a number of subjective problems may also occur:
- Discomfort and pain in lower limbs or in lumbar region.

And in case of those who spend many hours sitting down:
The lumbar region of the spine loses some of its natural curve, causing deformity in the intervertebral discs and generating excess tension in the ligaments at the bottom of the spine.  In the short term, subjects may suffer from backache [lumbar region] and in the long term, they may suffer permanent degeneration of the discs.

Result of the Research
A chair that, offers workers proper bodily support, in accordance with ergonomic recommendations to prevent postural risks, thereby enabling them to increase their productivity and satisfaction, improve the accuracy of their activities and delay the onset of fatigue.

The reasons why Semisitting chair is better than other semi-sittiing chairs, are as follows:

1 - Its five-support base offers better stability.

2 - Its height and angle have been designed to facilitate the conservation of lumbar lordosis and reduce the load applied to the lower limbs. Both height and angle can be adjusted easily with the minimum of effort.

3 - The size and cushioning of the seat itself prevents the concentration of pressure on buttocks and thighs, the principal cause of discomfort and pain in this type of chair. Furthermore, its gentle rotation system facilitates mobility, access to and exit from the work station.

4 - Although no backrest is required for chairs designed to enable a semi-sitting posture, the SEMISITTING chair includes a version that incorporates a small back rest whose height can be adjusted as required. The aim is to increase the user’s subjective sensation of safety and to enable the chairto be used as a normal sitting chair, especially in the case of high working planes, when a footrest can be also be incorporated.

Available in various colors - please contact us for more details!

Semisitting® sitting standing desk chair


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