Stain and Finishing Oil - Q & A


             Stain and Finishing Oil

SFO all in one does just as it says!  It adds colour, and adds a sealing oil at the same time!  This oil penetrates into the wood leaving no surface layer or film, rather it soaks into the wood.  This is great if you have heavy-use areas likes floors or table tops as it won’t gauge out like urethane or varnish.


Stain and Finishing Oil - Q & A

What colours does it come in?
Natural (no pigment with a slight ageing effect); White; Driftwood (light grey); Cappuccino (dark brown); Golden Pine; Ebony (black)

What is the difference between this and other oil-based stains?

This stain is highly concentrated in pigment so that a little goes a long way - the small can of SFO that we sell goes just as far as the big cans of other brands. We use as little solvent as possible to reduce our VOC levels and reduce the odour of the product. We use many different natural oils to condition and protect the wood that it is applied to.

How do I increase the sheen?

Add more coats! You can recoat in about 6 hours. If you’re satisfied with the colour but want more sheen, add another coat of Natural.BLOG
I like the colour I have, but I think it needs more protection.
If you’re not satisfied with the level of protection you have, what you can do is either add another coat of SFO in Natural, or even add a coat of our Gel Stain & Topcoat in Patina.

How durable is it? Can I use it on my floors?

SFO is so durable, you can use it on your floors! It is mostly an oil product that soaks into wood, but it does have a bit of resin that sits on top and adds a protective barrier.

Is this food safe?
No. We advise against using this on surfaces that come into contact with food.
How do I avoid watermarks?
Watermarks are often caused by a surface that is not well sealed, which means that the product has not been properly applied or the surface has not been properly prepared.
It is important to properly prepare the surface to receive Stain and Finishing Oil. Degreasing or stripping and sanding down to the raw wood is necessary. When you have properly sanded the wood, finish with 120-grit sandpaper then you can apply the product.
It is important not to exceed two coats of SFO, as the wood is saturated after two coats, the additional coats will dry on the surface and it is this residue that can create watermarks.
Always use gentle soap for cleaning oiled wood, no degreasing products like dish soap. Renew the oil with a very light additional coat every year or 2 years depending on the use of the surface.
As with anything, extra protection of the surface during use with coasters and placemats certainly helps.
Can I use it over Fusion Mineral Paint?
Yes definitely! For this application, we suggest brushing or wiping on, and immediately removing the excess. It works well as a glaze or to add a beautiful sheen over the paint. Please be aware that the SFO, like all oil based products, does yellow over time and this will show up more dominantly over a white base.BLOG

Can I use Fusion Mineral Paint over it?

Once it is cured, in about 10-12 days.

What prep do I have to do?

As always, make sure you’re starting with a clean surface. For wood applications, we do recommend you at least scuff sand, if not sand down to raw wood. A finish with 220 grit is a great way to prepare raw wood for SFO. For an even application, ensure that the surface is sanded evenly with the same grit.

Do I need a top coat over this?

Nope! SFO has a built in resin topcoat. For extra protection, add another layer of Natural on top.

Can SFO be used outdoors?

No. SFO is an interior finish.

Can you mix me a custom colour?

The only colours available are the ones we list on our website - but you can layer different colours over-top of each other, or you can try mixing different SFO colours together before applying.