Master Class - The Art of Faux Marble

Master Class The Art of Faux Marble

Instructor:  Michel Nadaï

Date: April 5th to April 9th, 2021
Duration: 40 hours / 8 hours per day over 5 days
all our courses are exempt of 20% VAT    
   Group fee - 980 euros per person (minimum 3 persons)
   Individual fee: 1350 euros (for a private class)
   ♦ paints, medium and supports to paint on included in both group fee and individual fee
   ♦ not included: brushes and sundry items, travel, accommodation and meals

This course is intended as a follow on for persons who already have some notions in painting faux marbles.  By studying more 'advanced' marbles, it will strengthen your portfolio and allow you to offer more sophisticated finishes to your clients.

What you will learn on this course:
- How to prepare your glaze
- How to do the groundwork
- How to do the overglaze and crystallization
- Study of the color for each marble

- Study of the tools and brushes used for each marble
- How to protect your work

This work will be done on kraft paper provided by the school.

Places are limited (maximum 5 students) to allow ample one on one training.
It's also possible to request a private class with Michel (please see above for individual fee).


- Azul de Bahia
- Brèche de Saravezza
- Onyx vert du Mexique
- Sarrancolin

*Outline of the program is for informative purpose; the program may therefore receive modifications if necessary.

imitation_marble_custom_class_1  Breche_of_Seravezza

Green_Onyx  Sarrancolin_1


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