Foundation course

Decorative Painter's Foundation Course.

Join us in beautiful southwest France for our signature course !

The Decorative Painter's Foundation course is a full-time comprehensive program that will  provide you with a solid base of skills and know-how, and then take you to advanced levels in a rapid and progressive way. 

This program is composed of 3 sections or modules that can be taken as a full-time three months course or as a part-time course if you choose to come for one or two modules only.  Each module is made up of 4 or 5 weeks, which can be taken altogether or individually depending on the subject matter.  Whether you sign up for the full-time course or come for one or two modules, the program covers a very broad range of skills that have been selected to fit the needs of today's decorative painters and artisans.

NEWS!! Our next autumn/winter session will be held in the town of AGEN in the Lot et Garonne. 
This is to facilitate transportation and also to give access to a wider choice of accommodation.  Agen can be reached by bullet train from Paris, either directly from Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport or from Montparnasse train station (quicker).  For more information on accommodation in Agen and how to get to the new venue please don't hesitate to write to us.

Decorative Painter's Foundation course: 
13 weeks, with a total of 455 hours of training.

Module I:  
Wood graining and imitation marble
Module II:  Moldings and ornaments of style painted in trompe-l’œil 
Module III:  Panoramics and Painted Murals




Modules I-II-III (can be taken as a full-time course or by individual modules or weeks)

September 25th to December 22nd 2017
Full-time course composed of 13 weeks, with a total of 455 hours of training.

You can sign up for the entire course program or pick individual modules of your choice.  Please scroll down below to see an outline of the 3 modules.

Our next course will be held in the town of Agen (postal code 47000).
Objectives and who can apply
This course is open to all levels, whether you're a beginner or have many years of experience.  It is a unique training program in the European traditional decorative painting techniques.  This curriculum is designed to meet the needs of today's decorative painter and will walk you through the core fundamentals and then take you through more advanced techniques and know-how.  Once you master both, the basics and the more advanced techniques, you will gain confidence as a decorative painter. 

Training provided by internationally recognized decorativ
e painting artist and author Michel Nadaï, Master Craftsman, Fellow memmber of the Faculty of Decoration and Best Craftsman of France award recipient.  This year we are delighted to have guest instructor
Caterina Manisco, who will come and teach a beautiful Grotesca panel during week 5 of Module II.


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Module I (4 weeks / 140 hours of class)
September 25th to October 20th, 2017

Instructor: Michel Nadaï

- Wood graining techniques
- Imitation marble techniques

Jaune_de_Sienne_par_Michel_Nadai   Blanc_veine_by_MIchel_Nadai

Module II (5 weeks / 175 hours of class)
October 23rd to November 24th, 2017
Instructor: Michel Nadaï
Instructor: Caterina Manisco

- Techniques of filage (lining) and painting linear trompe-l’œil effects and imitation decorative molding 
- Techniques of decorative ornamentation of style painted in trompe-l’œil
- Techniques of relief
- Drafting techniques
- Techniques of the Filage or lining
- Techniques of pounced patterns
- Creating patina and aged finishes
- Composition of style
- Techniques of Grotesca

Grisaille by Michel Nadaï

Module III (4 weeks / 140 hours of class)
November 27th to December 22nd, 2017
Michel Nadaï

- Techniques of mural and ceiling perspective for decorative painters
- Harmony of colors, the different plans and formats for murals
- Rendering of painted mural
- Techniques of painting a sky – clouds
- Techniques of drapes
- Painting trees and foliage
- Painting a landscape
- Techniques of painting a figure

close_up_of_fountain by Michel Nadaï

Limited class size during the three modules allows for ample one-on-one training.

*highlight of the program is for informative purpose; the program may therefore receive modifications if necessary

Wall art - Trompe-l'oeil and painted mural by Michel Nadaï